Fortnite Or Pubg? What is the most worth playing game in 2024?

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Fortnite or Pubg are always difficult choices for gamers who want to experience real combat games. Both of these games have a huge participation from all e-sports lovers. Join 55BMW ph to compare the outstanding advantages of these two games to be able to choose which version is suitable.

Is Fortnite or PUBG more popular?

When it comes to popularity and reaching a wider audience, we probably have to mention pubg. With its long-standing presence, the application is integrated for both low and high-level operating systems of iOS and Android. Players only need a smartphone with updates and enough game capacity to be able to fight on all fronts.

Talking about the coverage of Fortnite or Pubg, Fortnite is not as widespread as Pubg. Fortnite currently only has an application on the iOS operating system, this game requires players to have an invitation to participate from the developer or a former player. Besides, the requirements for software updates and iOS versions are also very high and Android users are tired of waiting.

Realistic graphics of two games

Realistic programming graphics, both Fortnite and PUBG games, are highly appreciated by experts. Particularly for the pubg battle game with very realistic combat effects and an incredible speed and weapon system. PUBG players will enjoy moments of fighting and survival like they are happening in real life. It’s no exaggeration that gamers who experience pubg have moments of falling from cars or jumping from buildings.

Fortnite’s graphics system can be said to be more virtual than pubg. Even though it is a real battle game, the 3D graphic texture is considered more similar to animation and entertaining. If you choose fortnite or pubg with realistic real combat graphics, you can choose pubg to immerse yourself in a vivid combat space.

On the contrary, Fortnite helps players have fun experiences, fight hard but still not fall into a stressful state. In addition, the new Fortnite game has been updated with many combat features and rare, destructive weapons for players.

Both Fortnite and PUBG have top-notch loot

Looting items is an indispensable survival skill for every gamer when participating in survival games. PUBG players can be said to be all too familiar with the situation where they have to run a lot after parachuting down to find the right item. Simply because of the top level of looting and hiding weapons of gamer bosses. When playing Pubg, you have to get used to skydiving. Before you can see the ground, the first thing you have to do is loot quickly.

Fortnite or pubg both have quite attractive loot skills for players. If in pubg, you have to use all your strength to find good items, then with fortnite, the weapons are scattered everywhere and still glow, players can freely loot the best war items.

Match progress in fortnite and pubg

What many gamers care about when choosing real combat games is combat time. Both fortnite and pubg give players battle game experiences with countless developments.

With a large map feature with countless steppes, the residential area is a hideout for pubg bosses. It wouldn’t be strange if players devoted themselves to running and running all over town but didn’t see a single soul. Many gamers decide to hide and run until the last circle to appear. That’s why the pace of the match becomes slower and each game can last for hours.

With Fortnite, the map has a simple construction and a narrow playing circle, so the match takes place quite quickly, gamers can enter the game and fight right away. Many Fortnite players evaluate that the game also has quite a few hiding places, so you have to work continuously to destroy opponents and survive.

Should I play Fortnite or PUBG?

Choosing a suitable game is not too difficult. After experiencing it, gamers can know which game their playing strategy is suitable for. With outstanding features and advantages, pubg with higher popularity has won many people’s choices. Playing pubg, you have the opportunity to learn the playing style of many professional players and climb the rank together.

However, with Fortnite, players can experience a real combat game that is both experiential and entertaining. The graphics and game rhythm are also suitable for those who love fighting games but are not too harsh.

Is Fortnite or PUBG the most popular e-sports game? 55BMW gives basic analysis of these two hottest real combat games.

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